Giga Telecom

Giga Telecom is one of the leading providers of satellite solutions for business and individuals offering customizable Satellite , strives to preserve a bond of excellence as a leading, global provider of reliable commercial satellite solutions used across our roads, waterways and remote applications throughout the world.

The engineers, administrators, and other experts on GigaTelecom team, fuel our ability to support growth, connectivity, improve productivity and save lives throughout the world. The strength and excellence of our products and services directly reflect the expertise and commitment of the people who make it all happen.

Why Choose Us


We understand that connectivity is one of the great commodities in people’s lives today and commit ourselves to sustainment of the most reliable communication services. In order to do so, we humbly acknowledge our past, passionately embrace our future, and are infinitely dedicated to connecting people worldwide by clearly stating our values.

Our Customers

Without our customers, we do not exist. We commit ourselves daily to provide the highest level of service and support possible and to respond quickly to their needs. We realize that our co-workers are customers too, and we truly extend this commitment of service to each other as well. Credibility is our main aim in dealing with our great customers.

Our Team

Our sales, engineering, technical, service, administrative, accounting and management personnel all work in unison to provide our customers with exceptional solutions and service every single day. If one member of our team fails, we all fail…so we strive to create a culture of support, learning and inclusion to prevent it.

Being Experts

Regardless of the level of position our team members hold, we are doing our best efforts to be experts in our field, we are highly trained and motivated professionals with a desire to constantly improve and perform at our peak levels each and every day.