SAT Services

We are offering different kind of service-categories on our networks to fulfil the requirements of our customers. Each service type has its own advantages.

The service category Dedicated service is designed for customers who have high requirements for specific business software and/or a large network with many users behind the modem. The service is performing 24 hours a day with granting the speed independent from peak hours or used traffic volume.
And service which designed for users with a high demand during peak hours (morning to afternoon) – so this service category is getting a higher priority during the period of highest network usage.
We can also provide services where you are able to customize different ratios for each the up- and the download speed.
Both service types support VoIP. We use special QoS settings to reach the best voice quality for your phone calls.
Both service types are designed to allow specified throughputs (i.e. 2 GBytes) with a specified burst rate (i.e. 1024 kbit/s) within 24 hours. If a user is beyond the traffic limit, his burst speed level will be decreased to the CIR of the selected service. This will be computed every 15 minutes while looking back to the traffic generated in the last 24 hours.